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MST – Ultimate Wax Additive (5kg)


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MST – Ultimate Wax Additive (5kg)


The MST Ultimate Wax Additive is a product formulated by ASW for all candle makers.

It is a 100% vegan option, devised for candle makers looking for a single pour wax with perfect reset.

This wax additive has gone through many rigorous testing through it’s development process by our local Australian Lab Leeder Analytical (https://leeder-analytical.com/).

  • Simple and convenient to use and combine.
  • Burns clean when added to any wax with a clean reset.
  • Formulated to burn with no soot, no black smoke.
  • Compatible with various soy waxes on the market.



The magic of candle making is in your own testing.
Finding which blends, wicks, jars, temperatures, percentages and fragrances yield the best results for you – we encourage you undertake many different tests and trials to achieve your perfect ready to go candle.

Click to download your free candle testing worksheet by All Seasons Wax Company



Add 35% of the MST additive to 65% of any wax. Melt thoroughly to approximately 70-80°C and stir well to combine. Follow your usual procedures as you do with your wax melting methods.

Scent Load of 6-8% is our recommended load.

The MST & your Wax can be melted together.

  1. Measure Ratio of 35% MST to 65% WAX (e.g.: For 1kg of total wax required, measure 350g MST and 650g of wax)
  2. Set Melter to 70-80°C.
  3. Put both ingredients together and melt until liquified.
  4. Stir the liquified MST and Wax to combine well.
  5. Proceed as you normally do with the wax you choose to blend with and wick the same as you do with your current wax.

Please note, all recommendations noted above are a guide only, and user testing is advised for optimum results.



The make up of this additive is derivative of petroleum jelly – a component commonly used in lip balm products and Vaseline.

Coupling the expertise of our analytical laboratory and manufacturing team, together with state-of-the-art techniques and processes, ASW have formulated the MST to the highest grade product.



pdf Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

pdf Download the Certificate of Analysis



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