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Le Cube – Amber


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This Seasons IT jar! A fill capacity of Approx. 240g and coming in 8 stylish colors the Le Cube is the jar to have.

An absolutely stunning jar with sleek rounded cube edges that will look spectacular in any space.

Its cube like style is that which you would expect to see in high end magazines.



External Vessel Dimensions: 80mmW x 90mmH
Internal Vessel Dimensions: 70mmW x 79mmH
Suggested Fill Capacity: Approx 240g
Vessel Capacity: 300ml
Glass Weight: 420g

Suitable Lid: N/A
Suitable Packaging: Small Smart Box, Small Flat Pack box (Snug fit), Large Flat Pack Box (spacious fit, filler can be used)
Suggested Wick Size*: LCS70, Double Layer Wood Wick 13mm, S Wood Wick 20mm
*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only. For optimum results, we recommend users conduct their own wick tests with different blends of wax and oils that they intend to use.

Available in single units.
Carton size: 24 units

IMPORTANT! Please note, product photo may differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing.


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