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Renee Jar – Wave Green


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Enhance your space with our Frosted Renee Wave candle range, a soft hand painted pattern wraps around the body of the vessel mimicking waves. This stylish jar adds a serene and artistic touch to any décor, making it perfect for your favorite candles.

Available in single unit sales this hand crafted high quality glass features a contemporary profile, making them a must-have candleware.
The Renee jar is 450ml and these jars are specifically designed with both quality and clarity in mind.

LCS Glassware are ‘candle-tested’ in the production phase. This means they’ll have enhanced wax adhesion that other waxes on the market.

Not dishwasher safe, we recommend a damp cloth to wipe any excess dust from the inside only.



External Dimensions: 75mmW (top diameter) x 120mm (height) // 50mmW (base diameter)
Inner Dimensions: 68mmW (top diameter) x 110mm (height) // 90mmW (widest diameter)
Vessel capacity: 450ml
Vessel weight: 200g

Suggested wick size*: LCS85
*Please note, we recommend users conduct their own wick tests with different blends of wax and oil that they intend to use.
Suggested packaging: Smart Box Large

Available in single units.
Carton size
: 32 units

IMPORTANT! Please note, product photo may differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing. Due to the hand made manufacturing process, each vessel will be uniquely patterned and slight differences in wave patterns may be visible.


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